The Marketing Paradox: To Spend or Not to Spend


A thoughtful viewpoint to the classic question.

We’d also strongly recommend you read “Does Your CEO Believe in Marketing?,”  which is a great post from Whizard Strategy on the same topic.

quote-half-the-money-i-spend-on-advertising-is-wasted-the-trouble-is-i-don-t-know-which-half-john-wanamaker-193077John Wanamaker famously said, “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.”   This pretty much sums up how CEO’s and CFO’s think about marketing.  


For more on this topic from Channel Instincts, see our blog “Are You Giving the CEO and CFO a Reason to Invest In Marketing?”



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  2. John Roberts Avatar

    stimulating point of view Greg thanks. The examples in the brand groups is trickier in real life; yes Group 1 had spent more effort and commitment to an experience fortified through culture. But Group 2 is catching up, or so they try. And Group 1 know that’s not enough – witness the news that Starbucks are looking to sell wine and entrees….it’s a world of change, but to me what’s clear is that if you care about the customer needs first, the question if what and how to spend gets easier…

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